This will be an expanded version of my resume, which you can find on the main page of this website.


  • Computer Science+Social Good: They organize events to promote ethics and social causes within CS. I will be on the inspiration team (within the leadership team, so here I get to actually make an impact).
  • Data Science: They have a curriculum where every week we learn a new topic or two in the field of AI. My goal here is to learn useful skills and to see how I like data science as a potential career
  • GT Marine Robotics: I’m on the perception team, which directly matches my interest in computer vision! They have autonomous subs, boats, and drones that they are working on, so i’m pretty excited to try and contribute. After fall 2019, we recently got 2nd place in a worldwide robotics competition (Virtual RobotX) of 17 teams from different universities. I had worked in Python (and ROS) to automate and increase the efficiency of parts of the data collection process across varying conditions, which previously took a lot of time.

Coursework at Georgia Tech

GPA after fall 2019: 3.5 (On Dean’s List)

  • Spring 2020 (20 credits) (in progress)
    • CS 1332: Data Structures and Algorithms
    • CX 4230: Computer Simulation
    • MATH 1554: Linear Algebra
    • CS 2340: Objects and Design (a project class)
    • GT 1201: Exploring Grand Challenges
    • ENGL 1101: English 1
  • Fall 2019 (13 credits, as I was doing an internship at the same time)
    • CS 1331: Java OOP
    • CS 1100: 1 credit freshman seminar
    • CS 2050: Discrete Math
    • PUBP 1142: Teams and Communication (required for grand challenges LLC)
    • Math 3670: Statistics
  • High School (relevant courses only)
    • Multivariable calculus (and calc 1/2)
    • AP Computer Science A (java oop basics)
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • Intro Database Management Systems (SQL)
    • AP Statistics

Online Courses:

Here’s some other relevant education I have: online classes. This section is relatively empty, but here it is. My goal is to expand this section during the summers of college, but let’s see.


  • (in progress) Robo2x Robotics: Vision Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • This is a graduate level class from UPenn covering computer vision. I paid for the certificate!
    • I am taking notes for this class on my github! There you can see the list of topics (readme) as well as what i’ve done.


  • Biomedical Imaging (University Of Queensland, Australia).
    • I took this on EDX (didn’t buy a certificate). I learned about MRI, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, etc. It was a bunch of the technology behind medical imaging, including the physics of how it worked, the CS of how they reconstructed the images, and how to read the resulting images. It was a pretty cool class!